Bow River 


Drifting the Bow also provides the opportunity to observe the abundant wildlife that call it home - particularly bird life. Bird watching groups tour the Bow in hopes of seeing Bald and Golden eagles; falcons; hawks, pelicans; herons; geese; ducks; and a vast assortment of song birds along the shrubby shorelines. Evenings are sure to bring out swarms of songbirds as they dip and dive for the evening hatches.

Fly fishing in Alberta, especially Bow River fly fishing, is an experience not to be missed. If you are motivated by the sport of fly fishing and all that it entails, then you owe it to yourself to fly fish the Bow River and to fish with "Must Be Nice" Drift Company. 




The Bow is the symbol of fly fishing in Canada. A day spent drifting the river is an escape from the stress of the every day world. It is exciting, therapeutic and leaves you wanting more. With thoughtful stewardship it will remain so for generations to come unless the developers are successful in urbanizing the river flood plain. To learn about this planned development click on the link below.

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