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The following pages cover a variety of subjects from fishing rates and fishing packages to trout identification, angler etiquette and the current grasshopper forecast  The River Information section has a stream flow page and has been updated to include flow rates for several rivers in southern Alberta as well as a spreadsheet of stream flows during the months the recording stations are active. View data on snow pillows in the Bow and Highwood River drainages which might suggest water supply during the next fly fishing season. 

You can book your trip on-line using the Booking form or view such topics as fly casting instruction, West Nile virus, on-line Alberta fishing regulations and Whirling disease. Please read the page on Whirling Disease very carefully! We don't want the disease to be introduced in Alberta waters. 

You are now able to apply for your Alberta fishing license on line. Visit this page   

The Poaching page has pertinent and important information on what to look for, how to handle a situation when people are believed to be poaching and do's and don'ts in such a situation. Following these guidelines will result in a favorable outcome -  that being our goal to protect the resource. With a successful prosecution of the offenders, there is even a reward available to the "good Samaritan". The fishing for trout pages put you in the world of the trout and will greatly increase your chances of finding trout, presenting your fly, hooking and landing good numbers of trout. 

Calgary is well known for the Bow River and it's trout fishery but it also has many other major attractions such as the Calgary Stampede, the Calgary Zoo, its close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Canada Olympic Park, world quality shopping opportunities and the Bad Lands of Drumheller - just to name a few. Even if you don't fish, you can have a great time in Calgary!


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